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Delicious and healthy lunches every day!

As a "Healthy School" we place great emphasis on ensuring children learn about what constitutes a healthy, balanced meal - including the occasional chocolate pudding! - and promote various initiatives such as the "5 a day" campaign.

Your child can choose to either bring sandwiches to school every day or choose from one of our delicious and healthy meal options that are prepared by Trinity St Peter's and are delivered to our school every day.


We have a new set of menus every term which rotate on a three-weekly basis.  School meals are free to our children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  Children can then choose to buy meals at a cost of £2.20 per day, payable in advance.  Children have the opportunity to choose their lunches daily in line with the day's menu so that they get to eat a meal of their choice from the daily options available.

Menu 1  w/c 19/04/21   w/c 10/05/21  w/c 07/06/21  w/c 28/06/21   w/c 19/07/21

Menu 2 w/c 26/04/21  w/c 17/05/21   w/c 14/06/21   w/c 05/07/21    

Menu 3 w/c 03/05/21  w/c 24/05/21  w/c 21/06/21   w/c 12/07/21

 See menu below for details of choices available.


School Fruit

Fresh fruit is available every day to our children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  We have a different fruit or vegetable delivered every day for your child to enjoy.


School Milk

Up until the age of 5, your child is provided with a carton of fresh milk free of charge each day.  Parents wishing their child to have milk after this can sign up to the milk scheme via


 Pupil menu summer Term 2021 St Mary's & Norland School.pdfDownload
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