St Mary's

Courageous Advocacy

St Mary’s Christian vision inspires the whole school community to engage in social action and to be courageous advocates for change in the local, national and global community.

To have a secure understanding of what courageous advocacy is, it is important for all the children to look at courageous advocates across the globe, both past and present, that have faced injustice and overcome barriers in order to help others for the greater good.  Educating for courageous advocacy must embody an ethos of action-taking, challenging injustice and becoming agents of change in the transformation of ourselves, our relationships and our communities from the local level to the global.

“Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless” Proverbs 31:8

Our curriculum incorporates courageous advocates, such as Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Walter Tull, amongst many others, where children consider reflections on what injustice some of these courageous advocates have faced and how they changed the world for the better. 

Our Christian Values (Friendship, Forgiveness, Hope and Trust) and British Values (Rule of Law, Tolerance, Democracy, Mutual Respect and Individual Liberty) ensure that opportunities to discuss current world issues, to challenge injustice and to engage in activities that can bring about change are always present.


Our children have an excellent grasp on the meaning of belonging to a local and global community and the sense of responsibility that comes with belonging. Thereby developing their ability to empathise and make a small sacrifice to benefit others. Together we consider the beauty and fragility of our environment, the actions we take, and the impact these actions may have on the well-being of everyone. Our school community and curriculum actively embraces a responsibility for the world in which we live. We are diligent to show our connection with, and care for, the world in which we all live and care for the people who live in it:

  • Village litter pick
  • Eco-schools Projects
  • Developing links with schools locally, nationally and internationally (to learn about the similarities, differences & how we can help support/develop each other through these).
  • Strong PTA with community events such as Christmas and Summer Fayres, discos and Owl Hunts
  • School advertises and supports local events;
  • Strong links with local pre-schools


We have a long tradition of supporting charities at St Mary's. We aim to inspire courageous advocacy and instil our Christian Values in the whole community. This includes participating in, as well as organising, fundraising to benefit a wide range of causes, including locally, nationally and globally.  Some of these include:

  • Comic Relief
  • Children in Need
  • The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.
  • Harvest Festival Food Donations.


Examples of our children's courageous advocacy: 

We have also had many children who are keen to raise money for charities close to their heart. Please see below for some examples of our wonderful children's courageous advocacy or our newsletter where these are celebrated:

- Two of our children raised money to raise awareness and support the Church Roof fund as a place for worship. 

- We have had a number of children brave enough to cut their hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust.