St Mary's


The PTFA is here for you - the parents, guardians, friends and teachers of all the children who attend St Mary’s School.

Our main aim is two-fold (a) to provide an informal social network to bring our school community together to learn and have fun and (b) to enrich the learning experience of pupils by raising funds to purchase items that would otherwise fall outside the school's budget.

How does it work?

The PTFA is run by a core of volunteers who regularly attend the PTFA meetings and help to organise events such as the School Discos, Owl Hunt, Christmas celebrations, sporting challenges and support at school performances. As a registered charity we have to have officers of the PTFA – Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer but everyone is free to contribute as little or as much as they like as infrequently or as often as they like.

  • Co-Chair – Lisa Green – Child in Class 2 and another who is a St Mary’s Alumni
  • Co-Chair/Secretary – Sarah Lodge – Children in Class 1 and 2
  • Treasurer – Lisa Malone – Children in Class 1 and 3

If you can’t commit to regular volunteering, we also have working groups consisting of volunteers who co-ordinate key events so, there is something for everyone

PTFA Meetings

Meetings are held roughly every 6 weeks during term time on a weekday evening. Everyone is invited to come along to any of the meetings whether it's simply to listen to what's going on, express an opinion, make a suggestion, volunteer to help or become a member of the committee.

Our efforts mean…

  • We always pay for book bags for all our new starters
  • We buy leavers hoodies for our Year 6’s
  • Last year we paid for the whole school to attend the Christmas pantomime
  • We contributed to the new school piano
  • We were able to purchase the new school stage for nativities and school plays
  • We can make regular contributions to new books and new IT for all classes
  • We even had a mammoth fundraising year where we made a £10k contribution to the new classroom!

How can you get involved?

  • Join the planning meetings – which take place first few weeks of every school term, publicised on Facebook and the newsletter….
  • Volunteer to help at any event – if everyone donated an hour a year we’d be flying!
  • Help us spread the word about fundraising events to your friends and family

Chair's report

Treasurer's Report