St Mary's

Alien Descriptions 

See Year 1 writing (everyone of you returned your writing - I am very proud of you!!) in the first slideshow and reception work + one pre-schooler (thank you Georgie) in the next slideshow. 

On our whole school 'Freedom to Fly ' day we spent the whole day learning outdoors - exercising our freedom to learn outdoors by doing  and experiencing first hand!

We went for a walk around the village and saw our church and how the river begins as a trickle in the hills and joins other streams to become a bigger river. We did lots of Forest School Activities - Autumn jobs, nature colour palettes, cooking on the camp fire, trusting and communicating with each other on the blindfold obstacle course. We learned about fire safety - what a fire needs to start (fuel / heat / oxygen) and how to stop a fire by reducing the required elements. We also learned what to do if you catch on fire (stop, drop and roll). We also had chance to do our other outdoor activities such as our mud kitchen, scooters and bikes, play equipment such as balls/ beanbags etc. 

We had great fun playing with each other - what a great and memorable day! Much needed during these tricky times. 

Happy Harvest Festival from Class 1 

We have been learning about feelings and what our faces look like with each feeling. During Forest Schools we carved our pumpkins to show different feelings and also learned some sign language to go with our song.

Week 1 - Our new starters trying really hard to control their pens - really hard when you are only 4! 

As part of our Recovery Curriculum/ PSHCE work we have a special Worry Monster who 'eats' our worries. During Week 1, we also read stories about Monsters and painted our own big monsters. Year 1 wrote worries to add to their mouths. Some of us have no worries !