New Starters 2019

See you at the Class 1 picnic - Sunday Sept 1st 12 - 4 pm.        

All Welcome on the playpark by school.

Things to prepare for Tuesday 3rd September

Please label ALL items of clothing -

clothing will get mixed up but a name inside will help us return it to you. 

Bring a named filled water bottle -

Bottles go home each day so you can wash and refill.

Bring your named P.E bag containing P.E T-Shirt/shorts/pumps-

this bag stays at school so it is ready for P.E on any day.  

Bring a pair of named wellies to keep at school - we go out in all weathers!

Practise taking off/putting on jumpers / socks & shoes - this is good practice for developing strong fine motor skills. It is often a shock to some new starters when they have to try putting on their own socks!

Any questions - please don't hesitate to ask. Within the first few weeks of term we have a class one welcome evening to discuss some of our routines/ expectations etc so more information will be given then.  


Our new starters enjoyed their visits to school in July.

See them below with their buddies.