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St Mary's

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Quality of Education


The curriculum at St. Mary’s is underpinned by our school moto; ‘Freedom to Fly’, which captures the essence of what we strive to achieve for each pupil who attends St. Mary's.

As a school, St. Mary’s is unique. It is a warm, safe place full of learning and laughter. Guided by our Christian values, we work hard to be the best pupils, teachers, leaders and friends we can be.

Pupils here are resilient, enthusiastic and inquisitive learners with strong work ethics. Our teachers strive to sculpt each pupil’s development of knowledge and skills as well as their moral, social and spiritual selves. Ensuring we create confident individuals with a strong sense of humanity.

Central to St. Mary’s are the following statements which everyone involved with the school aim to achieve:

Leaders, governors, teachers and pupils ensure that we:

  • Are lifelong, passionate learners, confident to question in our own way
  • Create strong partnerships between home, school and our community to bring out the best in each other
  • Develop caring, confident individuals who respect the rights and feelings of others
  • Persevere, recognising our strengths and embracing our challenges
  • Inspire each other to sustain a culture of creativity and high expectations through inspirational teaching and learning
  • Equip everyone to prepare for change and rise to challenge 

The aims of the St. Mary’s Curriculum:

It is the intention that the curriculum at St. Mary’s will:

  1. Create Confident Writers: develop confident writers who can organise their writing to suit the task or purpose, choosing and spelling words with precision.
  2. Foster Confident Readers: foster competent readers who have an appreciation and enjoyment of literature in all its forms. 
  3. Develop Numerate Pupils: produce numerate pupils who can calculate as well as reason why and apply their thought in increasingly more complex ways.
  4. Build Rich Knowledge: create inquisitive young people who are rich in knowledge gathered from different sources.
  5. Shape Creativity and appreciation for the Arts: shape and strengthen creative minds who appreciate the arts and feel able to express themselves.
  6. Develop Moral, Social and Spiritual Understanding including RE and our school’s distinctive Christian character: To build sound moral, social and spiritual understanding linked carefully to the Christian values of the church.
  7. Empower understanding of events in the past or present: learners who are empowered or empathized by events in the past or present.
  8. Develop an understanding of keeping healthy, safe and active lives: promote the importance of living a healthy active life, both physically and mentally. As well as ensuring pupils can access, operate and stay safe in an increasingly complex digital world.
  9. Develop a caring school community: helping children to develop awareness and responsibility as individuals and with others, providing the tools and the structure to stay safe, have friends and be cared for.  

Below is an overview detailing how we meet these aims,

in addition to those of the National Curriculum.

 St. Mary's Curriculum 2019 - Whole school currciulum aims .pdfDownload
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Below is a guide to the structure of our Curriculum and ways of identifying depth and breadth..

 St Mary's Curriculum diagram and guide.pdfDownload
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