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How are we helping our children with their mental health during this time?

We already have a scheme which we all follow in school. See below for details of how you can access this at home. 

 COVID-19 guide for families v1.1 1st Oct 2020.pdfDownload
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Well Done and Thank You Everyone for helping us to make a safe but successful start back to school in the Autumn Term.


We need to continue this good practice as we start 2021 - thank you for your continued support.

We have been very busy trying to organise classes/sort new routines so that everything is as safe as possible and that we are looking after all our community. We know children are at very little risk from suffering badly with Covid but we want to look after everyone including our staff and families (especially grandparents/ those who may be at extra risk) by minimising socialising at drop off / collection times.) 
I hope you will support and continue to follow the actions we are taking in school to minimise the risk of spreading Covid 19 and help us to keep all classes open. If we have a positive case in a class it may mean the whole class have to isolate for 10 days.

Class 1,2,3 - All children must be supervised when dropping off and collecting in order to keep everyone safe - please escort your child to the gate where your teacher is waiting.

Please do not leave any child alone at the gate. 

How are we keeping everyone safe here at St.Mary's?  

Following strict Public Health Guidance we are -
Managing Confirmed Cases of Covid when they arise and asking you not to send children to school who are ill or living with someone who is displaying symptoms.
Keeping classes as a bubble with the same adults as far as possible.
Keeping Classes apart during arrival / departure / lunchtimes / playtimes / In corridors
Reminding children of Handwashing / Nasal Hygiene and all classes will be assisted in handwashing throughout the day
All classes have hygiene kits and there will be enhanced cleaning throughout the day
Although children will not be required to socially distance from each other, we have rearranged tables / allocated separate resources to minimise risk. Adults will socially distance where possible (less easy with younger children)
Contact Records will be kept for 21 days for any non-bubble adults to aid with tracing if a case of Covid arises.

Please ensure we have up to date contact details so we can contact you if needed.


 New Arrival & Departure Times

New Entrances/Exits and Times to enable more social distancing. (Parents will not be allowed to enter the yard)
Class 1 - Arrive 8:50am - Depart 3:10pm (Reception 3pm - Week 3 onwards)
Door 1 (Reception Cloakroom Entrance) Line up on drive from 8:45am/ 2:55pm or 3:05pm.

Class 2 -Arrive 9:05am - Depart 3:30pm
Door 2 (Year 2 Cloakroom Entrance) Enter Class 1 side of Yard, Line up on drive from 9am/ 3:25pm.

Class 3 - Arrive 9:10am - Depart 3:30pm
Door 4 (Class 3 Yard Door) Enter Class 3 side of Yard, Line up on the pavement from 9:05am/ 3:25pm.

Class 4 - Arrive 8:50am - Depart 3:20pm
Door 3 (Old Year 3 Entrance) Enter Class 3 side of Yard, line up on pavement from 8:45am/ 3:15pm.



There are two sittings in the hall and all children can have a school lunch (Reception / Years 1,2, those entitled to free school meals are free. Other year groups can purchase a school lunch for £2.20). A packed lunch can also be brought. A full, labelled water bottle is essential please.

There will be no swimming lessons in the first half term.
All children will be expected to wear full uniform when we return, orders can be sent to Mrs Whiteley.
Please bring PE kit (outdoor kit strongly advised), Book Bag, COAT (we shall be out ,even if wet)         hat, Full Water Bottle, Packed Lunch if needed 
Please do not bring anything else like pencil cases / toys etc
PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING as unlabelled lost items may be placed in quarantine.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during these times.
I will be adding more information about our new 'normal' procedures for school as it becomes available. Please read the documents below this text regarding -
*DFE Info about returning to school
*Calderdale Quarantine Advice on those returning from abroad recently
*Nice easy explanation about Bubbles
*Info to help ease worries on returning to school
*Questions/worries young people may have about returning to school

Some of the above would be good to share and talk about with your child. If you have any concerns or require further information about how we are supporting all of our community during these difficult times, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to explain further.

Thank you for your continued support and patience in these difficult times.
Miss D L Barker.
Acting Head Teacher 


Please see letter below from PHE regarding testing, symptoms and isolating 23/09

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 Coronavirus Alert Poster.pdfDownload
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