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Remote Learning - 19.10.2020

If your child is away from school - I will place work here - trying to follow what we are doing in class.

I will send e- mails daily to tell you what Wonder Chapters to read - then your child can complete the relevant comprehension questions. 


  • Maths: Adding Whole Numbers - watch PPT and complete the worksheet - also to look at BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons
  • Wonder - Comprehension Questions
  • Spelling - use Spelling Frame - cial suffix
  • Verbs and Adverbs - look at PPT's - also work on BBC Bitesize - Verbs and Adverbs - then go through worksheets.
  • Topic - To find out about Charles Darwin - BBC Bitesize Science also BBC Primary Teach - to also watch ppt 
  • Science - find out about animal adaptations - BBC Bitesize BBC Primary Teach - Science


Maths - Adding, Subtracting, Inverse, Word Problems, factors - Year 5 Catch Up

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Wonder Resources

 Microsoft Word - wonder r.j palacio (1).docx.pdfDownload
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Verbs and Adverbs

 Adverbs Sheet FOR ALL.docDownload
 Verbs 2020.pptxDownload
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Charles Darwin and Evolution

 Finches - linked to work in books.pptxDownload
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