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Remote Learning - 11.01.2021

Spring term - Week 2

Thank you so much for all the work completed last week, I understand how difficult it is to work from home - please just keep going and look after each other. Please can you return completed work to me by 5pm.  This will all become much easier once Google Classroom is up an running next week. The work you are doing at home is the same as the work set in school - to ensure all children are accessing the same resources.

This week I will upload lessons and resources each day. I will keep them on for the duration of the week - then if for any reason your child misses something - they will have chance to catch up.

I have sent a zoom invite to some of you - if I have not seen your child in school.

I have also included our Collective Worship Theme - perseverance.


 Friday 15th January 2021:


  1. Maths – White Rose – Year 6 Decimal Week 1 –  Dividing by 10,100,1000
  2. Literacy – The Dream Giver – PowerPoint – Lesson 5 and worksheets 5a and 5b  – follow the slides – doing the related activities –  (Watch - The Dream Giver Again)
  3. Reading – Books on Active Learn
  4. Spelling Frame – Homophones Test -Rule 51 and 52 – each child now has a log in to Spelling Frame – I will send separately. 
  5. R.E  - Wants and Needs - linked to Human Rights - watch the PPT - then do the activity - sorting the images into wants or needs
  6. Music - Pulse and Metre 1 - Lesson 2 Oak Academy


    White Rose Maths, Oak Academy and Joe Wicks – are also accessible at the bottom of the website.


    The learning in school is exactly the same as the learning at home - ensuring all children are receiving the same education. Please just try your best - your children should be able to access all these resources themselves - without too much support from you. I realise how difficult this is for everyone - we just need to stay strong, support one another stay safe. Hopefully the home learning will become easier once we are using Google Classrooms.

    I am missing all of you.

    Ms G 


    White Rose Maths

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    Literacy Dream Giver - Week 1's lessons and resources

     The Dreamgiver 9-11 - Teaching Resources.pdfDownload
     Week 1 The Dream Givers.pptxDownload
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    Awesome Dream Giver Description by Joshua Lowery

    The Dreamgiver

    Crouched upon the window ledge, peering at the children below, his angular shadows dancing on the walls. A crooked smile complimented his contorted body perfectly. Creeping around the orphanage, silent and muted. He fluttered around the children’s beds with a cunning look washing over his face. He landed without a sound on the damp rotten floorboards clutching his precious package. He unravelled his canvas sack with his skinny, twisted fingers to unveil the glowing dream eggs hidden within.


    He comes from a remote landscape which is filled with dense fog. Sat in the corner of the world, a small rotting shack filled with thread bare carpet and mould. He lived a simple life that was isolated from the rest of the world. His goggles protected his vision when he stepped out of the mist and into the dark night. Many think his mission is mischievous, however his heart is made of gold like the eggs that encase the dreams.


    He bent over the foot of the bed in a goblin-like stance. He pierced the egg with perfect precision, you could hear a pin drop. Everything was still, his wings were flat, the magic oozed out of the egg. Into the much-loved ballet shoes. He stepped back and watches as the mystical dancer pirouettes into the heart of the sleeping girl. He has given the greatest gift he has to offer, a dream. He is the Dreamgiver.

    R.E Needs and Wants

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     Worship 2 Go Wk 3 Perserverance (1).pdfDownload
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