Class 4    Year 6    Autumn 1 2019

Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely summer, recharged your batteries – ready for the start of a new school year. Year 6 – your child’s last year at Primary School – one where I will be preparing them for life at High School.


In Literacy this half term we are linking to our Topic – Crime and Punishment. We will begin by looking at Oliver Twist – comparing different versions, a radio play and the films. This will be closely linked to our topic on Crime and Punishment where we will look at Victorian crime – connected to poverty.

We will also be the narrative poem The Highwayman. We will look at poetic devices, including writing and performance.

In Class 4 children are expected to apply previous learning, enabling them to self-edit and improve their own writing. I use SURPRISE Editing system where children are taught how  to assess their own  writing, identifying the areas they need to improve in.

In Grammar we will be focusing on punctuation and on sentence structure, making sure we understand grammatical terminology. I expect children in Class 4 to be reading on a daily basis, reading books that they enjoy and are able to talk about, meaning they are literate and able to compare and contrast a wide range of books. I will be testing spelling daily, ensuring regular use of spelling patterns. This half term the focus will be on suffixes, plurals and tenses. For homework children use Spelling Frame – an amazing online spelling site, that follows the curriculum and works with relevant spelling patterns.

The New curriculum places greater emphasis on both hand writing and spelling, so we will focus daily on these, ensuring all the class are meeting ( if not excelling) expected standards.

Numeracy – Place Value and Number Understanding

To start the half term we will be looking at Place Value – up to 10, 00000. We will order, compare and round larger numbers. We will look at the four number operations and the different methods to use. We will look at different numbers – square numbers, prime numbers, factors, multiples, cubed numbers and negative numbers.

All the lessons will incorporate real life context – interactive sites, practical resources and problem solving  - enabling children to become fluent mathematicians, able to reason and problem solve.

It is essential that all your children know their Time Tables to 12 - they need to practice, practice, practice if insecure – use Komodo Maths, 38 challenge. Life in Year 6 will be very difficult without this knowledge!



Our topic this half term is Crime and Punishment where we will be looking at different crimes and punishments throughout history. Linked to Literacy we will study Highway Men – and Women, looking closely at Turpin and Robin Hood. We will look at different forms of punishment used throughout History, from Romans, Anglo Saxons, Tudors, Victorians - through to the present day. We will link to Oliver Twist studying what life was like inside a Victorian Prison, and also the Workhouse.

To end the unit we will look at the Australian Penal Colony, linking to a book called The Rabbits, which will also connect to our science unit. 


Our Science topic is Humans and other Animals.

To start we will be looking at the characteristics of living things, and then we will find out about the heart and what its function is. We will then look at the main parts of the circularity system – looking at how nutrients are transported around the body. We will carry out an investigation looking at how exercise affects pulse rate – making sure we investigate and record scientifically. Throughout the unit we will be recognising the impact diet and exercise has on the body - keeping food and diet diaries to support arguments. To finish the unit we will be looking at the effects smoking, drinking and drugs have on the body  - emphasising how important it is to look after our bodies.

R.E – Moral Dilemmas, linked to Crime and Punishment

We will be comparing Christian and Islamic attitudes to crime, punishment and forgiveness – using a range of different dilemmas. We will use examples from The Bible to show how our influences affect our decisions. We will also consider how people with different and no religious beliefs have differing views of a range of issues – realising that it is sometimes difficult to stick to deeply held viewpoints.

We will look at a dilemma from a range of different perspectives, showing how circumstances can alter our thinking – impacting on moral choices.


I will be using all the curriculum subjects to inspire art works, allowing a wide range of skills and materials to be used including observational drawing, ink and pen sketching, collage and clay work. We will be getting inspiration from different artists including Sidney Nolan, Chris Mould and Sean Tan.



Children need to have a P.E kit in school at all times-both indoors and outdoors. This half term they will be doing Stamina and balance skills with me.


In ICT we will be finding out how to refine searches using the internet and also looking at at the World Wide Web.


In French we will be focusing on time.


Every week I will send home homework, a letter and a homework diary. The diary needs to be signed by a parent and can also be used to communicate with me – it has proved very effective in the past, as even the children write to me. Homework is always relevant to the learning done in class, it may be recapping something, or trying something new, sometimes it is a longer project or research and it helps children to become more independent, preparing them for high school and has impact on progress in the classroom. If you have any concerns or just want to talk to me please feel free to drop in any morning or after school as I am always available. You can also contact me on my school e- mail –

There will be an introductory evening on Wednesday 11th September 2019 – 7:30 -8:30pm – where I will give you more details about Year 6.

Deborah Gardner