Class 4    Year 6    Autumn 1 2018

Welcome back, and welcome to Class 4! Hopefully that long summer break means you are all energised and ready for the challenges of year 6, your final year at St Mary’s – so let’s make it a year to remember!


In Literacy this half term we are linking to our Topic –Fossils and Dinosaurs. We will be researching Mary Anning and Charles Darwin – looking at how to lay- out and write Biographies. We will also be reading the novel Wonder – using the book to help inspire our own First Person narratives. In Class 4 children are expected to apply previous learning, enabling them to self-edit and improve their own writing. We use a Banana Point system and children are able to assess their writing, identifying the areas they need to improve in.

In Grammar we will be focusing on punctuation and on sentence structure, making sure we understand grammatical terminology. I expect children in Class 4 to be reading on a daily basis, reading books that they enjoy and are able to talk about, meaning they are literate and able to compare and contrast a wide range of books. I will be testing spelling daily, ensuring regular use of spelling patterns. This half term the focus will be on suffixes, plurals and tenses.

The New curriculum places greater emphasis on both hand writing and spelling, so we will focus daily on these, ensuring all the class are meeting ( if not excelling) expected standards.


In numeracy this half term I will be making sure that everyone understands mathematical vocabulary, essential for Mathematical reasoning and to decode word problems. I will ensure all children are able to use an efficient/compact method in all 4 number operations – this will also be the focus of homework. All children need to know their tables to 12, allowing fluency in maths lessons, so if they are not sure, they need to practise independently-as I will be testing! We will be revising all aspects of numbers, including: prime, square and cubed number.. All my maths lessons are very hands on, have a real life context and are open ended allowing children to extend and challenge themselves.


Fossils and Dinosaurs

Our topic this half term is very closely linked to our science unit.

We will become palaeontologists, learning about the fascinating creatures that inhabited the Earth, studying the main epochs of fossils. We will investigate famous palaeontologists Mary Anning and William Buckland. We will explore fossil footprints, carrying out our own investigations. We will also find out about fossil humans and ice age creatures.

We are going to study dinosaurs, their eggs, behaviour and extinction. We will also find out about Charles Darwin and the amazing story of evolution.


I am combining two units in science this half term –Interdependence and Adaptation and Inheritance and Evolution.

We will initially recap parts of plants, looking at reproduction and how plants adapt to their habitat. We will look at various habitats looking at how plants and animals depend on each other – interdependence. We will use sorting keys to classify plants and animals. We will also study food chains, and learn how the eco system works. In our Inheritance unit we will learn that living things reproduce offspring, similar but not identical to their parents, this will lead us onto the theory of evolution, where we will look at scientific evidence (including fossils) to find out about how the world has changed over millions of years. We will also look at various adaptations, showing how life adapts to survive.

R.E – Hinduism

To find out about Hinduism- looking at the different manifestations:  Gods and Goddesses. We will look at symbols and what the different roles of Hindu Gods are. We  will find out about Trimurti, Ashima, Dharma and Kharma – looking at responsibilities and duties. We will then study Ghandi – looking at how his faith impacted on his life and the choices he made.


I will be using all the curriculum subjects to inspire art works, allowing a wide range of skills and materials to be used including observational drawing, ink and pen sketching, collage and clay work. We will be getting inspiration from different artists including Van Gogh, Cezanne and Olivia Lomenech Gill.


Children need to have a P.E kit in school at all times-both indoors and outdoors. This half term they will be doing Gymnastics with me, focusing on balancing!


In ICT we will be finding out how to refine searches using the internet and also looking at


In French we will be using bi lingual dictionaries to help us decode short passages and also learning geographical vocabulary.


Every week I will send home homework, a letter and a homework diary. The diary needs to be signed by a parent and can also be used to communicate with me – it has proved very effective in the past, as even the children write to me. Homework is always relevant to the learning done in class, it may be recapping something, or trying something new, sometimes it is a longer project or research and it helps children to become more independent, preparing them for high school and has impact on progress in the classroom. If you have any concerns or just want to talk to me please feel free to drop in any morning or after school as I am always available. You can also contact me at

 I am really looking forward to working with you and all your children next year.

Deborah Gardner