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Weekly Homework

Welcome to our new homework page - everything regarding homework will be posted here.


Your child will be sent home with their homework book every Friday afternoon and it needs to be returned on a Wednesday IF an electronic worksheet has been set as homework. Any activities used on BBC Bitesize, times tables or additional writing, you are more than welcome to use your books.



The words to learn are below - you can also use the free resources on We are looking into buying into a class subscription so hold off on a personal account.

Due to the current situation, both years will be starting on Year 3 + 4 spelling rules. If a year 5 child has shown to be secure throughout the coming weeks in class, they will begin on the year 5 section.



Use Follow the link and access the FREE games below, this will support further learning and re-cap from class work.

Times tables:

Use Watch the video, complete the grid and take the test!



In your books, you need to write a persuasive letter to your peers of why you should be nominated as a school council representative. There will be opportunity for the children to read their letters out and a democratic vote will take place next Friday.


Active Learn

Complete 2 books per week - currently (17/09/20) all children have a high number of books to be completing. Ready slowly, take everything in and have a good go at the comprehension questions. 

A massive well done to those have completed their reading and comprehension during the last week. 

The majority of Year 4's accessed but only a couple of Year 5's (sad face).


Spelling Rule 1

 Spelling_Rule_1_-_Adding_suffixes_beginning_with_vowel_letters_to_words_of_more_than_one_syllable (1).pdfDownload
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Spelling Rule 2

 Spelling_Rule_2_-_The__sound_spelt_y_elsewhere_than_at_the_end_of_words_e.g._gym_myth..._etc. (1).pdfDownload
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