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Weekly Homework

Welcome to our new homework page - everything regarding homework will be posted here.




Multiplication and Division

Very shortly, the children will be studying M+D during class time - please spend some time on working through each heading and the clips and quizzes.

The video above is amazing for explaining how we move the digits left and right when multiplying and dividing. We NEED to avoid just taking a 0 off or adding one on. It will come back to bite if we stick with that method.

Times Tables

Make sure you are practising your times tables - there are super important and we need to be secure by the time you reach Year 6. Use and 

 On both the apple store and android store there is an amazing app called Times Tables Rock Stars which engages children to learn and be secure on the times tables.


A huge well done to those children who are consistently practising their times tables, it is becoming more and more evident in the class work and smaller activites. Keep going!



Active Learn

Complete 2 books per week - currently (17/09/20) all children have a high number of books to be completing. Ready slowly, take everything in and have a good go at the comprehension questions. 


Still a lot of children not accessing Active Learn, please note that this will greatly help their progress in class, especially with the current circumstances.


Statutory Spellings Year 3 & 4

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Statutory Spellings Year 5 & 6

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Year 4 - Spelling Rule 11

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Year 4 - Spelling Rule 12

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Year 5 - Spelling Rule 37

 Spelling_Rule_37_-_Endings_which_sound_like_s_spelt_cious_or_tious (2).pdfDownload
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Year 5 - Spelling Rule 38

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