Class 3                         Year 4 & 5        Autumn 1 2019.


Welcome to Class 3! I hope you have all had a fabulous holiday and as a newly qualified teacher, I am really looking forward to beginning a fantastic year of learning and fun with you. I am sure we will have a fantastic year full of opportunities where the children can take ownership of their learning. I am keen to foster a supportive, active, open and caring class environment, where qualities such as respect, empathy and resilience play a vital role.


For the first couple of weeks this half term, in Literacy we will be basing our work around Roald Dahl and the fantastic books he has written before moving on to linking out Literacy work with our Anglo Saxon topic work; looking at newspaper reports, letter writing, diary entries, instructional writing and persuasive texts. We will explore many books together to help us improve our writing, grammar and punctuation and our reading skills including prediction and deduction.  We will put a lot of emphasis on spellings and handwriting, as they are key for success in Year 6.

I expect children in Class 3 to be reading on a daily basis and their Reading Records to be kept up to date with new books given out if finished the current one. Weekly spellings will be given on a Friday, and will be tested the following Friday. Please make sure you take the time to learn these.


Areas of maths we will be covering in Class 3 this Autumn half term include; place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. Throughout the half we will be perfecting our skills in mental and written strategies for the four operations. We will focus on developing resilience and confidence towards learning and teaching a mastery approach, promoting mathematical understanding and problem solving rather than rote learning for tests. We will develop skills such as visualisation, mental strategies and pattern recognition.


This half term we will be learning all about the amazing Anglo Saxons! We will continue to build our understanding of putting historical civilisations into a timeline and learning all about the daily life, their religion and the mighty battle with the Vikings – even the gory bits! We will be making Anglo Saxon armoury and clothing which links closely with our artwork.


Science will be very exciting, this half term. We will be looking at ‘Forces’. Children will learn to understand that there are many different forces which enable us to do certain things as well as having a hinderance to our day to day lives. Throughout the term, 2 investigations will take place in which the children will take control of preparation and planning, the investigation itself and lastly, the write up of results.


We are really lucky this year to be able to take Class 3 swimming for the Autumn term. This means that children will need their swimming kits with them every Wednesday. Children also need to have a P.E kit in school at all times – both indoors and outdoors.

Additional information

Homework will be set weekly and sent home in the child’s homework book on a Friday. It is due back in the following Wednesday. Please ensure homework is completed as it supports the learning we do in class. Homework may be in the form of a sheet which supports class learning, recapping something, trying something new, or it may be a research project, where a child is asked to work independently to produce a piece of work.  Spellings will also be stuck in their homework books and should be regularly practised at home, using a variety of strategies. 

Finally, if you have any concerns at all or would like to talk to me, meet me for the first time, please feel free to arrange a meeting or drop in after school. Neither are a problem.

Many thanks,

Mr Webb