Year 2 preparations for SATs presentation below:

Parent and Carer Letter - Class 2 - Spring 2 (March 2019)

Welcome back to Class 2 after the half-term break. Spring is definately in the air with all this lovey sunshine and we hope the children have had a wonderful holiday and are refreshed and raring to go for all the great learning we have planned for this term.

We kick off the term with a wonderful ‘Book Week’ from Monday 4th March which includes World Book Day on Thursday 7th and our own celebration on Friday 8th when we hope to see everyone dressed in their amazing costumes featuring some of our favourite book characters! In our book week, Class 2 will be enjoying the story, Flotsam, by the superb writer David Wiesner. We will use this as a stimulus for the children’s writing and artwork.


This half term the children will be working on the fiction unit ‘Dragon Slayer’ and will explore and compare legends. They will read interactive texts and watch a film, understand plots and features of legends and recall and retell the main events. They will use drama to explore characters and dilemmas as well as discuss punctuation and learn how to write dialogue. Finally, they will plan, edit and write their own legends, following a familiar structure. The class will also look at the books, Into the Forest and The Tunnel by the writer, Anthony Browne. They will also be looking at how to write instructional text using the book George’s Marvellous Medicine.

The class will also link literacy to the Great Fire of London topic. They will reading Fire Cat by Pippa Goodhart and look at witness accounts and writing by Samuel Pepys, writing a first-hand account of the event in the form of a diary.


In our spelling learning in Year 2 we will learn words:

  • with ‘wa’ and ‘qua’ as /o/ and ‘wo’ as /er/
  • with ‘s’ as /zh/
  • Ending ‘ful’. ‘ment’, ‘ness’ and ‘less’
  • contractions – such as isn’t
  • possessive apostrophe – such as Gran’s
  • revision words

In our spelling learning in Year 3 we will learn words:

  • ending in ‘ily’ and ‘ally’
  • ending in ‘ly’, ‘ibly’ and ‘ably’
  • ending in ‘ically’
  • ending in ‘ation’ and ‘tion’
  • common exception words – week 5 and 6



Year 2


  • Make equal parts               
  • Recognise and find a half   
  • Recognise and find a quarter
  • Unit fractions and non-unit fractions   
  • Equivalence of one half and two quarters                          
  • Find three quarters
  • Count in Fractions     


  • Make a tally
  • Draw and interpret pictograms
  • Block diagrams                    


Year 3


  • tenth and counting in tenths
  • tenths as a decimal
  • fraction of a set of objects
  • Unit and non-unit fractions
  • Making a whole
  • Equivalent fractions


  • Draw and interpret pictograms
  • Draw and interpret block diagrams     
  • tables               


Our topic (history focus) this half term is the Great Fire of London. Class 2 will be taken back to 1666 and the era of the Stuarts as they find about this famous event and the effect it had on the people of the time. They will learn when, where, how and why the Great Fire happened, as well as exploring how we know about it through the diary of Samuel Pepys and other sources.


On Thursday 28th March, the class will enjoy a day at Shibden Hall where they will explore the causes of the Great Fire of London, the Plague and the impact on the Lister family of Shibden Hall.



The children in Class 2 will use ICT to research various topics and science areas of learning, such as the Great Fire of London and their science topic on ‘Animals, including humans’.



In science this term Animals, including humans. In this unit the children will:

  • Learn that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults.
  • Find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival (water, food and air)
  • Describe the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene.



This term, we will look at the unit ‘the Creation’. It will allow the pupils a chance to consider one of life’s ultimate questions: ‘How did the world come to be?’ In addition to giving the children a chance to hear and respond to creation stories from some of the world’s major faiths, it looks at the question from a non-religious point of view. Throughout the unit, pupils are challenged to consider how the answer a person gives to this important question is likely to affect their behaviour towards the planet and all that lives on it.



PE this term will be on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has their correct PE kit in school on these days and if they have long hair it is tied up.


ART and D.T.

Much of our art work will link to our topic of the Great Fire of London. We will be making Tudor-style houses for a street scene and baking our own delicious bread.



Just a reminder that this term, homework will go out on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday. Thank you for your continued support with the children’s learning at home.


If you have any questions about any of the learning, please do not hasten to come in and see the teaching team as we would be happy to help.


Happy learning!

Mrs Kimpton and Mrs Emberton