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Weekly Homework

This page is updated weekly (Friday) with this week's Homework. 

Homework is posted on Friday and please complete / return to school by the following Wednesday.


Reading Record & Books need returning on -

Year 1 - Return Wednesday/ Weekly Books issued Thursday 

Reception - Return Monday/ Weekly Books issued Tuesday 

(This new system is so we can remove books and quarantine them for at least 3 days before re-issuing to anyone else.) 

Each child also has books available to read/re-read on ActiveLearn (See Remote learning)

A big Thank You from All the Class 1 Team for the lovely Christmas Gifts and Vouchers you sent in. After a very difficult few months, they were very much appreciated. Thank you ! love Miss Barker, Mrs Ilstone & Mrs Baldwin . 

Below are some pictures from the Festive period. 

Week 1  January 8th 2021  (added on Fridays!)

Please look in your book bag where you will find your new Homework Book in a Zip Bag. 

This book needs returning inside the Zip Bag on Wednesdays.










Keep sharing / reading and re-reading the books in your bag and writing in your reading record.

Reception will find some of the books have one or two sentences now - I would read part of the sentence and help your child to sound out/blend to read one or two words in each sentence so they do not find it too arduous. On re-reading they may be able to read more but do not expect them to read all of every sentence just yet.  

 Also - see below for reception/ Year 1  sounds to continue to practise.  


Reception Sounds -

We have now covered the following sounds quite well so please get your child to say them if they see them in their reading (you could play I spy with these sounds too). Some children still need to practise recognising these. 

S, A,  T,  P,  I, N,          C,  CK,  K,  E,  R,  B,  O,  G , H,  F,   U ,D, L, M

Year 1 Spellings / Sounds

Tricky Word Spellings to learn to read and write - (great learning of blue words Year 1 - so impressed! )

 Yellow words & Days of the week .  

Consolidate these !

We've done a lot of work on the following long vowel sounds recently so hopefully your child is more confident at recognising these when reading /spelling. 

AI, EE, IGH, OA, UE  also the digraphs NG, AR, OO, ER, OR, QU, SH, TH, CH 

EAR/ AIR/ URE still need some practice. 


 ALSO - 

Please share your reading books several times and return them on your 'change' day. See below for more tips on reading together. 

Thank you for your support.



You also have a Home Reading Book and Reading Record.

*******N.B new system during Covid 19 times********************************

Going forward, each week you will have 2 reading books issued. These are to be shared and re-read at least once and then returned on the correct days. Please record the dates you read together /a comment from you in the reading record book. If there is no comment or the book has not been re-read, it may come back to you the week after as we will not know it needs changing. This sharing/re-reading of books is one of the most important ways you can support your child in Class 1 and a huge indicator of future success so I hope you will be able to read a little often with your child. We really do value the importance of reading at St. Mary's as it does help writing progress too. 

I have also begun to change all the early reading levels so they are all phonics based. This means that as soon as your child has learned some basic sounds and can 'blend' sounds to read he/she will be placed on phase 2 based books and should be able to attempt to 'decode' all of the text with just a little help from you. I would always recommend you sharing a picture book/bedtime story book as well as these books have very controlled language and your child also needs to hear stories with good sentence structure and plot. 


Reception - some of you are beginning to blend now so have been moved onto phase 2 books where you should be able to sound out and blend to read the words in the book.

Some more of you have little books with repetitive sentences - still very much to be shared with an adult but  you can play I spy and spot something beginning with a sound we know on the page (see sounds covered above). Also try and re-read together so you are beginning to act like a reader. Also go onto ActiveLearn where there are some very simple first level phonics book to share together.  

 Read/re-read , write in the record book and return to school on Monday please.


Year 1 - As all of you know your phase 2 sounds (Well done) you are on PHASE 2/3 books which rely on you now applying this knowledge and blending these sounds to read all the words in these books. Some of you know most of your PHASE 3 sounds and so I've popped you on the Phase 3 books to practise these sounds. You may need help the first day, try again the next evening and the third evening you should be independent. Re-reading books is an important part of learning to read.

Read/re-read, write in the record book and return to school on Wednesday please.


I have also added some useful information sheets into your homework books. Please take these out and stick up at home as I will refer to them (and they may be needed if learning at home for any reason - quarantine / isolating etc)

I've added our style of handwriting so you can see how we are learning to form our letters. 

Reception - I've copied your name card  so you can practise recognising / writing your name.

Reception have Phase 2 phonics.  

Year 1 have Phase 3 phonics and spelling lists. We are focussing on the yellow words.

Year 1 - I have added our writing mat in as this contains all the sounds we shall need to know for our Phonics test next May and it is helpful when we are writing independently.

I've popped guidance on pencil hold in everyone's bag - we focus lots on strong fingers in class 1.

You can support this by - 

  1. encouraging your child to dress themselves  (buttons, socks, shoes etc all good exercise for those fingers)
  2. learning how to tie knots, shoelaces etc
  3. using a knife and fork to cut their own food up rather than having everything done for them or using fingers.
  4. playing with playdough, lego etc