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Remote Learning

This Page will have resources that you can access straight away in case of times needed to be at home eg isolating / quarantine/ further lockdowns  etc



Each child has their own work station on ActiveLearn. 

I allocate and can monitor each child's activity /progress  -

  1. Reading Books  (Bug Club)
  2. Phonic Games/ Practice (Phonics Bug)
  3. Grammar and Punctuation Games / Practice 
  4. Just arrived, Maths Games / Practice (Abacus)

You need to log on to ActiveLearn with your Username/ password and school code

Details in your Homework Book/Bag. 


Useful Websites

 NumberBlocks - Linked to the work we are doing in class. These amazing little programmes will help your child understand maths and the composition of numbers. You can find them on Youtube / CBeebies etc      

(Singing Website)


Link to Ruth Miskin phonics - (she doesn't do cursive formation of letter (i.e she missed our whoops line but we can add that if the actual letter is formed correctly )but useful for learning /applying letters and sounds. Good for pre-schoolers too!


See Below to access SCARF Homelearning - this links to the work we are doing in class in SCARF.