Class 1 - Reception and Year 1






Class 1 –        Spring 1          January & February

Our classroom has been transformed this half term to reflect Penguin Small’s Journey around the world (North Pole- Equator – South Pole)

Through this creative curriculum we shall be learning about-

Numeracy – working practically and with a range of resources in class 1 to really embed our mathematical understanding and enjoy it. We are continuing to practise place value and developing addition and subtraction; Year 1 will be consolidating their counting in 2s, 5s ,10s and as part of this will be introduced to money and applying their counting in multiples to finding the value of an amount of coins. Reception will be learning all about teen numbers and what numbers are composed of. Reasoning and talking about/explaining our maths is always a big focus. Year 1 will be trying to commit more number facts to memory such as number bonds to 10,20 and halves and doubles. We shall all be practising writing our numbers carefully – Year 1 numbers to 50 (and beyond) Reception numbers to 20. We shall be learning to say the days of the week/ months of the year in order. We shall be developing our knowledge of positional language and knowing which is left and right and half and quarter turns as we are introduced to the points of the compass.

Literacy – developing our phonic knowledge (Reception phase 3 sounds / Year 1 phase 4, consonant blends, alternative long vowel phonemes and tricky words ); improving our segmenting and blending skills; consolidating our use of pronouns, adjectives, verbs; practising how to create and write sentences; enjoying and writing fantasy stories, character descriptions and information texts. We shall be learning the difference between fact and fiction and how to navigate through information texts.

Science – learning to recognise and name everyday materials which toys are made from; testing properties of materials; observing seasonal changes connected with Winter. Investigating the physical properties of water –melting, freezing etc We shall also be learning about birds and taking part in the Big Bird Watch.

Humanities – by starting the new year by exploring the decades of the past 100 years we shall focus on our counting in tens. We shall be looking at exploring our planet by learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We shall learn about hot and cold places and the animals that live there. We shall be learning how to use maps and atlases. We shall also be introduced to the compass points as we travel around the class from North to South.  

Art & D.T - Graphic skills. Investigating line, tone, shading, pattern texture etc   Observational Drawing of snowflakes designs and designing our own based on a hexagon. We shall explore printmaking from potato penguins to block printing snowflakes from a polystyrene plate. We shall be making moving pictures by adding a slider or a flap door or even a rotational element.

Music - learning our counting/ alphabet songs. We shall develop our bucket drumming to practise rhythm and simple recording of composition. This will also help us to split words into syllables for spelling purposes. Also we shall notice how film music is designed to make us feel a certain way.

P.E – football -skills with Mr Devlin on Tuesdays ; Lee will be working with class 1 on Monday afternoons delivering specialist ball skills to reception and Year 1 separately.

R.E – We shall learn about how people pray/talk to God. We shall be finding out about some of the rituals and ways of life in different religions by comparing Islam /Christianity. We shall try to learn the Lord’s Prayer. Our focus value this half term is perseverance and endurance.

Computing – we will use our new skills of manipulating images to present simple presentations of our science and geography work about habitats and animals. We shall learn how to use a simple graphics programme to create our own pictures.

PSHCE – our focus topic this half term is all about being healthy. We shall consider how sleep and a well balanced diet can help with our good health and well being. Year 1 will learn about good seatbelt use when the road safety team come in and The NSPCC will be teaching us all about being safe with their famous Pantasaurus song.