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Miss Barker here - as we can't all be together at the moment, I will be adding lots of information to this page weekly so we can all keep in touch! 

Thank You so much to my to my Reception children for the fabulous message above. 

I am so proud of you, I had to share it with everyone. xx

If you need to contact me or want to send me a photo of what you are doing/your work - please email 


Summer 2  Week  7   13th-17th July 2020  (CV-Week 17)
Hello Class 1 ,

I hope you enjoyed reading your reports - thank you those of you who have sent your replies back. It is hard to believe we are on the last week of the  Summer Term! Well done, you have survived HomeLearning and from what I have seen - you have done an amazing job! Let's hope school is a little bit more normal in September. I hope to see many of you this week before you start your Summer Holidays - I know I certainly need a rest! But if I don't  - Have a lovely Summer Holiday ! 

I've popped some work on for this week - as usual do what you can! At the end of this week I will add some suggestions for over the Summer and as I know more/can plan more I will update you with details of some get togethers including the Class 1 picnic to meet our new starter friends. If you are Year 1 and moving into Class 2, Mrs Kimpton has popped some information about herself for you to read and will add more things for you too so you will need to start looking at the Class 2 page. 


Keep following the Oak National Academy Lessons - we are doing them in school too. I've added some more White Rose Activities etc below for you too. Don't forget your ActiveLearn books and grammar games.  Also plenty of lovely activities on BBC Bitesize.   

Have a good week - keep in touch! Hope to see some of you on Book Collection day on Thursday!!

Look after yourselves and all of your family,
Love Miss B


Oak National Academy  - See Document Below for link to lessons.

Or you can just google Oak National Academy and go on their Schedule -select Rec/Year 1 and there are 4/5 lessons for each day. Do all/ some it is up to you! Also Assembly on Thursday at 11am. 


Maths –
Look at the White Rose Maths Section (Little video each day / Activity Sheets for Year 1 in documents below.  Reception have little activities on the same page as the video. 

If you want to watch the story mentioned click on the link below


Reception at school have started practising , ready to achieve some 'Kung Fu Maths Belts'. We're are getting good at confidently counting aloud backwards from 20-0.  We are now practising counting in 2s to 20 and 10s to 100.Have a practise!  

Year 1 also have some Summer Coding Challenges if you want !


All—Watch as many of the Number Blocks programmes as you can / watch them again! I have been very impressed with the number knowledge shown by the reception children who have been at school this week. Most of it gleaned from watching Number Blocks! Super!

Why not go on YouTube and practise your subitising - Jack Hartman is a star at this! Just look for Jack Hartman Subitize Rock. These little songs/raps will help with mental maths in a really fun way.

English -
Read at least one book each day from ActiveLearn + Complete the Bug Questions. Make sure you close the book and add a smiley face to make sure it is finished (otherwise it looks to me that you still have lots of books to finish) 

Don't forget the Phonics lessons online daily (google - Letters and Sounds for Home and School) start at 10am-reception/ 10:30am Year 1 , 11am for those who may need a recap on blending (can be accessed on youtube at anytime)

Spelling -

Reception should be able to read and write from memory the blue words on the sheet - 

I,  the,  was,  to ,  do,  he,  she,  we,  me,  be,  are,  all   and be moving onto the yellow words.

Year 1 practise reading/writing all the words on your Year 1 (need to know) list -

Also number words to twenty and days of the week. 



Follow the Oak Academy if you can , this week.


I've popped some capitals and full stop practice below for Y1 

Reception there is a Summer Holiday Pack of activities to keep you busy if you like. 


Health and Well Being - 

 Don't forget to Sing each day - good for health and well being !

Use this link to get to Out of the Ark Singing Website - great songs and activities each day!


Outdoor Learning

Some ideas below to do outdoors!



We enjoyed the Seasons work on Oak Academy last week - so I have added a seasons / months cut and paste sheet but also BBC Bitesize Music has a nice link to Vivaldi and the four seasons -



Link to Ruth Miskin phonics - (she doesn't do cursive formation of letter (i.e she missed our 'whoops' line but we can add that later if the actual letter is formed correctly )but useful for learning /applying letters and sounds. Good for pre-schoolers too!


Oxford Owl for Home. Lots of free resources for primary school age.




Year 1 Maths 

 crack-the-code-summer-activity-sheets Y1.pdfDownload
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One of our writing tasks was to create your own ideas of how to show your friendship 'while we can't hug'. (New Book  - now out ).  Below is by Reception. Well done - many of you are not 5 yet !! Great writing ! A reply from every single one of you! I am so proud and thank you parents for all your support.

Below is by year 1 - Again I am very proud of how hard every single one of you has worked! Well Done !