Class 1 - Reception and Year 1





Class 1 – Autumn 1 - 2019
This half term our topic of ‘SuperHeroes’ & ‘Autumn’ will ensure we have lots of fun but also make a great start to learning in Class 1. On Friday 13th we shall be celebrating Roald Dahl Day by sharing some Revolting Rhymes and creating our own characters. Week 3/4 reception baseline assessments will take place. Week 7 (14th Oct) is our assessment week.
Through these topics we shall be focussing on these areas in each subject –


Numeracy –

practising counting, reading and writing the numbers 1-10 and beyond. Reception will practise reading numbers out of sequence and counting forwards and backwards. All children will be learning to subitise (where they can look at a number and ‘see’ what it is without counting) and doing lots of talking and reasoning about numbers. We shall be watching The NumberBlocks Programmes to help us to visualise number. Year 1 will be counting in 1s, 10s, 2s and beginning to read and write the number words. Year 1 will be introduced to addition and subtraction and how to record these calculations . As part of our Kung Fu Maths Challenge and focus on acquiring mental maths skills, Year 1 will be trying to commit more number facts to memory such as number bonds to 10 and halves and doubles. We shall be learning to say the days of the week/ months of the year in order. We shall all be learning about 2d and 3d shapes.

Literacy –

we shall all be recapping and developing our phonic knowledge. Reception will learn how to say the sounds rather than the names of each letter (phase 2) and learn how to recognise and write each letter shape. They will gradually learn how to blend and segment sounds so they can begin writing and reading words. Year 1 will be extending their phonic knowledge (phase 3) and tricky word knowledge so they can write in sentences. We shall be learning to read and write labels, lists and captions and also begin to learn about instructions. Year 1 will have guided reading time where they will learn how read sentences but also answer questions to develop their understanding of a text. Handwriting is always a key focus in class 1 and all year 1 will be learning how to write in a cursive style, reception learn pre-cursive letters from the start. Year 1 will begin to learn groups of spellings such as our tricky words and number words.

Science –

we shall be observing the seasonal changes connected with Autumn and recording the weather on a daily basis for a period of time to investigate typical Autumn weather. Our work on the vegetables in Supertato/ Harvest will enable us to learn about healthy eating. As part of our investigative work we will be developing our skills of observation, testing and beginning to record in a scientific manner.

Humanities –

Our discussions about holidays and scrapbooks have introduced to us maps and discussions about different places. We shall be learning about maps and map making as we make maps and plans to help Supertato solve crimes.

Art & D.T -

Painting skills. Investigating different tools to paint with and developing our fine motor control. We shall be exploring colour mixing and creating mixed media work. Our focus on Autumn and sunflowers will lead us to look at the work of Van Gogh. As we move towards the festival of Harvest we shall explore the more abstract work of Arcimboldo and his representation of Autumn.

Music -

learning our counting/ alphabet songs. We shall develop our bucket drumming to practise rhythm and simple recording of composition. This will also help us to split words into syllables for writing and reading. We shall also be learning British Sign Language with some of our songs.

P.E –

Multi-skills with Mr Devlin on Tuesdays. Miss Barker will be teaching gymnastics/dance later in the week inside. Mrs Kimpton will work with reception on Wednesday afternoons practising dressing skills and focussing on developing the areas of physical / communication & language and social development through P.E.

Forest Skills –

Once a week Miss Barker will be teaching Forest schools activities probably on Thursday /Friday afternoons. This will be outdoors in all weathers. We have waterproofs at school but a pair of wellies would be useful to leave at school as it will get muddy! If your child comes home smelling of smoke please don’t be alarmed, we will have had a camp fire! We shall be planting bulbs, making superheroes from logs, negotiating giant spider webs, looking for signs of Autumn but more importantly learning how to work together, listen to each other and talk about our feelings.

R.E and PSHCE - shall be learning all about ourselves and how we are all different and celebrate different things in different ways. We shall be allowing each other to share ideas and feelings in an atmosphere of respect. Our focus value this half term is friendship and we shall be learning how to be a good friend. As we approach half term we shall think about what harvest means. We shall be learning about healthy lifestyles in PSHCE.

Computing –

Year 1 will be learning how to navigate around our laptops and how to log in to their online workspace on ‘Activelearn’ so they can work at their own level in school and at home. We shall all be developing our control skills by exploring the Beebots which are little robots which can be programmed. We will be learning about directional language and left and right as we begin creating simple programmes.


Miss D L Barker