Class 4

Summer 1

Topic: The Shang Dynasty

As you will be aware this half term includes the year 6 Sat Tests, therefore I will be really concentrating on children’s test skills, building their confidence and making sure they feel able to tackle any questions during the week (11th May 2015). I will be setting very specific homework tailored to individuals, so please try to support where you can. If you have any questions regarding the tests please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Numeracy: This half term class 4 will be focusing on Mental Maths Strategies, enabling them to work efficiently when having to calculate quickly. They will also be recapping and embedding their growing knowledge of Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, ensuring they can compare and find equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. They will be looking at a wide range of word problems really decoding and ensuring understanding of mathematical vocabulary. We will also be revisiting all 4 number operations making sure everyone is able to select and use an efficient method to solve a range of calculations. I will be using a lot of short assessments to secure the children’s understanding and to fill any mathematical gaps.

Literacy: In Literacy the main focus will be Reading Comprehension and Grammar, where I will be making sure children have good understanding of grammatical terminology and are able to use texts to locate specific information.

We will be linking our Literacy to the Topic The Shang Dynasty, looking at the play The Willow Pattern and the Michael Murporgu Novel Kensukies Kingdom. We will be writing letters, diary entries and play scripts.

I will be testing spelling daily making sure children are using strategies to help them spell both familiar and unfamiliar words. In their writing there will be a real focus on self-editing, ensuring all work is checked and makes grammatical sense. All children need to really extend their use of connectives/ conjunctions and make sure they can link ideas in sentences in a cohesive way.

Topic: Our topic this half term is The Shang Dynasty. We will therefore be looking at all things Chinese. We will compare other civilisations from the same time period (The Bronze Age), we will also research the culture, agriculture, religion, art, and Geographical features of China.

Science: In Science we will be looking at plants, investigating how they reproduce, grow and their life cycles. We will germinate and grow a range of plants, dissect lilies and set up and plan fair tests, recording our results using a range of charts and graphs.

 Art: Our Art will be closely linked to the topic, where we will be practising calligraphy, watercolour and printing skills. There will be a focus on observational drawing and painting, where we will draw both Chinese food and flowers.

R.E:  In our R.E we will be answering Life’s Big Questions, looking at the fundamental questions all humans ask, and looking at how the different religions respond to these questions. We will also be researching religions practised in China specifically Buddhism.

P.E: Our P.E This term will be Invasion and Target Games, where hopefully we can play, tennis, volley ball and netball outside. I will be focusing on serving skills, defending and shooting skills, improving hand to eye coordination.

I.C.T: In I.C.T we will be making a small animated film based on The Willow Pattern and we will also be looking at coding.