Class 1 - Reception and Year 1





Class 1 – Spring 1 2018

Through our topics of Penguin Small / Winter we shall be learning about-

Numeracy – continuing to practise addition and subtraction and learning how to use a number line; Year 1 will be introduced to multiplication and division. Our work on money/shopping will help put these calculation skills into problem solving situations. Year 1 will be trying to commit more number facts to memory such as number bonds to 10,20 and related facts  (eg 12+8=20, so 20-8=12 etc) and halves and doubles. We shall all be practising writing our numbers carefully – Year 1 numbers to 100, Reception numbers to 20. Year 1 will be trying to learn to write the numbers 1-20 in words, as part of the spellings they need to acquire in Year 1.  We shall be learning to say the days of the week/ months of the year in order. We shall be developing our knowledge of positional language and knowing which is left and right. Towards the end of this half term we shall be revising telling the time and measuring the passage of time with clocks and timers. During the term we shall be introducing our ‘Kung Fu’ Maths scheme where children can progress through different coloured ‘belts’ as they are able to demonstrate key maths skills and knowledge. For example being able to count backwards from 20/10 or counting up to 50 in 5s etc 

Literacy – developing our phonic knowledge (Reception –consolidating phase 2 sounds and beginning phase 3 sounds / Year 1 – consolidating phase 3 sounds and introducing phase 4, consonant blends, alternative long vowel phonemes and tricky words ); improving our segmenting and blending skills; consolidating our use of pronouns, adjectives, verbs; practising how to create and write sentences; learning how to use question marks and commas; enjoying and writing letters and information texts. Our regular spelling practice will include days of the week; number words; tricky words; words with the prefix un-, words with the suffix –er / -est / -ing. We shall be reading lots of information books together and improving the fluency of our own reading. Those in Reception who are ready will be will be starting to read the first books in our reading scheme at school and all will be trying to blend sounds /read 3 letter words. Year 1 will continue to improve their fluency in reading and work on decoding ¾ syllable words. Year 1 will also work on their comprehension and reading for meaning.

Science – observing seasonal changes connected with Winter. Recording weather – through observation, measuring collected rainfall,  reading daily temperatures. Developing our knowledge of animals including knowing which are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Our focus on polar animals will develop our understanding of different types of animals and their characteristics- birds, mammals, fish etc We shall be investigating the physical properties of water –melting, freezing etc.  We hope to continue carrying out fair tests connected with ice and melting / insulation.

Humanities – exploring Penguin Small’s journey from North to South Pole via a hot island near the equator. We shall be using/making maps; learning where the 5 oceans / 7 continents are.  We shall be exploring the geographical features of the Poles and the animals which live there. We shall be learning about compass directions  such as North and South. Our classroom environment has been set up to represent Penguin Small's journey from The North Pole (our role play area), past the Jungly Island near the Equator (our reading area) to The South Pole (in our creative area).

Art & D.T - Printmaking skills. Investigating the shape and pattern on hexagonal snowflakes.  Learning how to create a design/plate for printing. Then learning how to pull several prints. Observational Drawing of penguins and arctic creatures.

Music - learning our counting/ alphabet songs. We shall learn about simple picture notation. We shall develop our bucket drumming to practise rhythm and simple recording of composition. This will also help us to split words into syllables for spelling purposes.

P.E – Mr Devlin on Tuesdays ; Jamie Sykes will be working with class 1 on Monday afternoons delivering specialist ball skills to reception and Year 1 separately. Miss Barker will also snatch some hall time where possible for dance/music related movement.

R.E – We shall learn about how people pray/talk to God. We shall be finding out about some of the rituals and ways of life in different religions by comparing Islam /Christianity. We shall try to learn the Lord’s Prayer. Our focus value this half term is Friendship.

Computing – we will use our new skills of manipulating images to present simple presentations of our geography/literacy work about penguins and the Arctic. Year 1 will learn how to create a Powerpoint presentation and continue their independent learning on ActiveLearn. We shall use our programming skills as we use the Beebots to travel Penguin Small’s journey. Reception will be learning how to log on to ActiveLearn and start creating their own page.

PSHCE- We shall introduce the children to our new scheme of work based on different aspects such as safety, caring, friendship etc. This half term we shall focus on friendship and learn how to be a good friend.

Forest Skills – At least once a week there will be opportunity to do our learning outdoors. Wellies are always useful as we will get muddy.


If you need any more advice, let me know at the back door in a morning or via the homework/communication book.

Miss D L Barker